Garlic Growers and Sellers

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The AGIA supports garlic growers across Australia to be suppliers of choice to the Australian garlic consumer.

Compared to imported product, Australian garlic growers know they produce a superior garlic, it travels less food miles to the consumer, is grown in our clean green Australian environment and it tastes better.

The Grower/Seller map represents only a small number of AGIA members who are selling direct to the public, other AGIA member interests include marketing, large scale commercial growers, researchers  and  those with a general interest in Australian Garlic.

Growers listed on our Find a Gower/Seller map all have the following in common

They supply and sell only Australian grown garlic

They are members of the Australian Garlic Industry Association

They support development and growth of the Australian garlic industry

Have exclusive rights to use the AGIA logo

 Our listed growers also comply with relevant State food Bio-security legislation.

 The legislation is to prevent the spread of pest and diseases around Australia.

 To sell garlic from one state to another state, a grower must obtain a plant health certificate from their local DPI.

A plant health certificate will be issued to the seller if there is no risk of spreading an unwanted pest or disease to another state.


Please help minimise pest and disease problems in our growing environment. If you considering moving garlic to another state, please contact your local DPI for a permit. It is the responsibility of the seller to provide a plant health certificate to the buyer.


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