Mandemar Garlic

Mandemar Garlic

Mandemar Homestead has been growing garlic in the Southern Highlands since its first commercial garlic crop in 2016.    In 2017 over 40,000 garlic cloves have been planted in the fertile loamy soils of the property. Varieties grown include Italian Red, Italian White, Monaro Purple and Australia Wild Garlic.


Mandemar Garlic is non certified organic and is hand planted, handpicked, hand weeded and hand packed the old school way with no chemicals, preservatives, pesticides, negative energy or other bad stuff. The garlic will be sold to local restaurants and through local markets, providores and online.   We also are happy to sell to other growers looking for seedstock but recommend you make requests by October 2017 to avoid missing out.


Our 2016 Garlic is sold out but keep in touch as our 2017 Garlic will be ready in November. and Instagram and Facebook @mandemargarlic #aussiegrownisbest

Phone: Quentin on 0414316304  



24 Mandmar Lane via Joadja Road Southern Highlands
2575 Mandemar , NSW
Phone: 0414316304