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Australian Garlic Industry Strategic Plan

The Board is very pleased to announce the release of the Australian Garlic Industry Strategic Plan. The Board commenced developing a StrategicPlan mid-2014 as a document that would guide the association and industry development over the next 5 years. The plan was developed with support through HIA (Horticultural Innovations Australia Limited) and fits with other peak horticultural industry bodies.  The Board envisages the Strategic Plan will provide direction and continuity for our association over the 5 year span of the Plan.  

The Strategic Plan is a dynamic document and will evolve with successive Boards and with input from members, please have a read and forward any comments or questions to the Board via info@garlicaustralia.asn.au

Read the Plan HERE




Welcome to the Australian Garlic Industry Association (AGIA) website. The AGIA was incorporated in 1991 and has since devoted itself to the promotion and development of the Australian garlic industry. The introduction of cheap, bleached imported garlic into Australia in the mid 1990’s saw a massive decline in local production. Many farmers moved out of garlic production at the time as they could not compete with the flood of cheap imports. Today, the Australian garlic industry is resurgent to consumer requests and becoming stronger as consumers return to the fresh, tasty, aromatic garlic grown throughout Australia.

The AGIA is a non profit organization run by a board of elected growers. Our aim is to further strengthen the local garlic industry and to encourage investment and grower opportunities. We encourage all garlic growers, wholesalers, producers etc to join the AGIA to help us, collectively, to develop this productive, visionary industry. With strong industry support the AGIA can seek further essential R&D, lobby Government support for our local industry and develop new market opportunities locally and overseas.http://www.garlicaustralia.asn.au/sites/default/files/images/Freshly%20harvested%20garlic.jpg





AGIA Seminars

http://www.garlicaustralia.asn.au/sites/default/files/images/Biosecurity%20suits%202.jpgThe seminar in 2012 was held in Tooleybuc on the banks of the Murray, NSW. The 2013 seminar was held over the 7th and 8th September in Orange NSW and was  a very exciting and educational event with over 60 attendees. We had presentations on The History of Garlic, by Penny Woodward; two sessions from Tony Napier, NSW DPI, one on herbicide options for weed management and the other on The effect of storage conditions on germination, growth and yield. Giles Bonan and Victoria Clutterbuck told us how they grow and harvest their garlic, while Michael from Australian Certified Organic explained the process of organic certification and Jose from our sponsors JJ Broch talked about their range of garlic machinary. (All these presentations can be read in the Members Only section of the website once you have logged in)

Combine this with a fascinating visit to Libby and Ken Morgan's garlic farm (see the biosecurity suits above) and a delicious afternoon tea and fabulous wine tasting at Canobolis-Smith Wines and its hard to think of a better way to spend a weekend. More detailed information can be found on the Events page.

The 2014 seminar was held over the weekend of the 2nd and 3rd of August in Albury, NSW. Another important and interesting event with great speakers and lots of time to catch up with other garlic growers as well as others committed to the future of the garlic industry in Australia. Speakers included Professor Peter Howe from the University of Newcastle on Evidence in Humans for Cardiovascular and Metabolic health benefits of Functional Food (including garlic). Also Adam Sawell on Social Media and Garlic Marketing; Richard Bennett on Integrity in Food Safetly; Shane Fitzgerald on Relationships between Biological, Physical and Chemical properties of soils and how they affect productivity;  and Penny Woodward, Trevor Gray and Letetia Ware on the Identification of Garlic Groups and Cultivars. (Most of these are now up in the Members Only section of the website).

The Seminars are our premier event each year where members and interested growers meet to discuss topical issues impacting the Australian Garlic Industry, listen to a range of industry experts and visit a local garlic farm. All activities are designed to produce a long term knowledge bank for members while promoting networking and industry development.   As with all seminars, there is as much to be gained from chatting over a cuppa or a meal with other garlic growers as there is from the presentations. Plans for the 2015 seminar and other possible events are already in train, if you have any thoughts about where the seminar should be or topics you want included, as well as other events, don't hesitate to contact us through the contact page.