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Learn About Garlic Cultivars

Penny Woodward is a member of the AGIA Board and author of several book including "Garlic".   Penny has thrown her expertise and knowledge behind a new project aimed at identifying Australian Garlic Cultivars.

This is a huge body of work and will continue to evolve over time.  We believe this will become the definitive resource for garlic Cultivars and fully support Penny's work.  Click Here to view the website.

Thanks Bruce, can I just add that I couldn't have managed this website without the help of fellow members Trevor Gray and Letetia Ware. Give us a few weeks to get some more content up and then we would love feedback on cultivars that you are growing. Penny

Material on energy savings

Annie Farrow, Industry Services Manager, Apple & Pear Australia Limited

As you may know , over the last 18 months, APAL has been conducting the "Watts in your Business" energy efficiency information program for growers and packers in the deciduous tree fruit industries. As part of this program we have developed a series of 5 factsheets and 9 case stories that describe how energy can be saved in packing sheds and on orchards. Many of the main energy sinks in the deciduous orchards / packing sheds will be the same as those found in other crops. They include irrigation, refrigeration, lighting, packing lines and tariffs (as an aside, we found that tariffs is something that growers know little about and renegotiating them is a great way to start reducing energy costs).
APAL would be delighted to make these fact sheets and case stories available to other industries free of charge via our website  http://apal.org.au/watts-in-your-business/

Please feel free to browse the site and consume this valuable information.

Garlic (allium sativum)


  • a rich source of sulphur-containing compounds with biological activity.
  • Contains:
    • essential oils comprising mainly DIALLYL DISULPHIDE  and DIALLYL TRISULPHIDE (both fat-soluble)
    • Water-soluble compounds S-ALLYL CYSTEINE and S-ALLYLMERCAPTOCYSTEINE
    • Also VITAMINS A, B1, B2, C
  • anti-bacterial substances ALLICIN, ALLICETOIN 1 and 2,
  • the enzyme ALLIINASE

Health benefits for animals.

Garlic has health benefits for animals as well and can be used as in ingredient to minimise intestinal parasites, fleas and mites. It is also a wonderful insecticide when sprayed on plants.

Is garlic good for me ?

Allicin, which is naturally released from garlic when the cloves are crushed or chopped, helps strengthen the immune system as well as containing antibiotic and antifungal properties.